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Eric Omondi denies sleeping with Wife Material Contestants

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By Ahmad Muto
Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has refuted claims that he slept with Wife Material contestants while filming the reality show. He explained that such act would have set the show up to fail yet he wants it to last long.
He negated the allegations while appearing on YouTube saying as the host, he was the only man on the show therefore by default, he gets to spend a lot of time with the girls after filming.
He said: “From the moment the production ends at 10pm, I remain with those ladies, alone because I am their host. For the show to have been successful. I can’t touch or show that I favour one girl. That would mean the show ends faster. Women are very sensitive, they will know if something went down.”
Season II of the reality show suffered a setback after the contestants fought and Omondi got arrested for breaching Kenya’s minimum broadcasting standards. Ugandan contestants returned home months ago. This was after one of them, Nadia (@Nadiator on Instagram) earlier refused to return and stayed Kenya while his colleagues and the Tanzanian contestants retuned. Season III he says will have women from Nigeria, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Rwanda.
Season I contestant, Kenyan socialite Shakila earlier claimed that she slept with Omondi but he said it is false because he keeps it professional with all contestants.

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