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Entertainment round-up: Phewww January is behind us

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Like some have satirically already suggested on social media, the Government should just allow us to explode fireworks and usher in 2024 because this year is already a handful.

It is just 30 days of 2023, but events, most especially in the entertainment world, are happening at a supersonic speed.  We started off January on a sombre note. 

As an array of fireworks were volleyed into the skies to usher in the New Year, there was a stampede at Freedom City.  Over 10 lives of revellers at the concert organised by Abbey Musinguzi aka Abtex were lost.

In the ensuing days, rounds of finger-pointing continued. The promoter blamed the Police; the Police blamed the mall proprietor, John Ssebalamu, surviving revellers blamed the event hype man who implored the crowds to catch the fireworks… long story short, Abtex spent sometime in the coolers.  He is out on bail now.


As we were recovering, events promoter Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo drafted a payment system in order to standardise the hiring of musicians so as to minimise risks. It raised a storm. The debate was about the money he had apportioned to respective artistes.  There was a huge disparity between the likes of Bobi Wine (sh20m) and Bebe Cool (sh1m) and their respective fans tore each other on social media.

The most aggrieved musicians were singer Ronald Mayinja who was apportioned sh200,000 and Big Eye sh400,000.

 The month of January is characterised by hunger, heat and worrying. In neighbouring Kenya, it has been baptised Njaa-anuary (hunger).

When Spice Diana slated her concert for January, many wrote an epitaph.  It would flop. Instead, it elicited the opposite. For Spice Diana, whose staple crowd was Freedom City, filling Lugogo Cricket Oval to the brim was a career highlight.

 For one whose catalogue of songs is not one to boast about and whose voice is suspect, Spice Diana turned the attention away from herself. Everyone talked about the splendid stage, which depending on who you listen to, cost in the region of sh500m.

As many gawked at the stage spectacle and Spice Diana’s fishnet dress that exposed her military-alert nipples, one particular person, a backup dancer called Rita Dancehall, trashed the show. 

Ritah Dancehall

 For voicing out what many had whispered backstage, she was booked at Central Police Station.  What was on the police charge sheet?  Something along the lines of “angering the person of Spice Diana and Roger Lubega!”

She profusely apologised and by press time on January 30, she was on the verge of leaving CPS.  She will forever testify that Spice Diana, “Tali Regular”.

Singer Jose Chameleone has lived up to his moniker. He is unpredictable. As we look forward to his widely-publicised Gwanga Mujje concert on February 10, a video was widely circulated showing the lanky reptile beating the lights out of a hapless bodaboda cyclist.  

The singer’s PR team were quick to calm the storm by claiming that the incident happened in 2022 and wondered about the timing of its release.

Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Jose Chameleone

Chamelone later profusely apologised and just like that, he was forgiven for the umpteenth time.  A horde of bodaboda cyclists accompanied him for his press conference in Industrial Area and should form a bulk of his fans come February 10. 

Congratulations to all those who have somehow maintained their relationships in this hard month of January.  In celebrity ville, it hasn’t been all rosy.  It seems, as predicted by many social media in-laws, Precious Remmie Nakitto and her Musummer Raymond Bindeeba’s marriage wouldn’t last. 

Word on the grapevine is that she was dumped and Raymond crawled back to the arms of his US-based lover.

Remmie has since turned into a motivational speaker and has Whitney Houston’s song, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, on replay.   Raymond Bindeeba’s play list certainly has  Eugene Wilde & Joanna Gardner’s 1985 song, First Love Never Dies.

What do Zari and Hungarian-American socialite and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor have in common? Both have lived a glamourous life in the spotlight, married many men and enjoyed several whirlwind romances.

At the time of her death aged 99, Gabor had nine marriages and several romances.  It seems Zari is on the hunt for another man. Both Zari and her toy-boy lover have been posting cryptic messages talking about loyalty and lies.  She could be on to the next one.

Sociality Zari Hassan posing with her boyfriend Shakib at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards on Friday, December 16, 2022

The month ended on an equally sad note as TikToker Namirembe passed on.  Asia, who became popular on TikTok and YouTube, forging a character as Charles’ wife, passed on after being admitted at Mulago Hospital. She was buried in Kyotera.


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