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“Enjoyment ku enjoyment” as bars fully reopen for business

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By Ivan Kabuye

It was a night of popping bottles and the drinking was for “if I die, I die” as the night economy reopened across the country after almost a two-year hiatus. The mood last night explained it all as Ugandans had long waited for this moment for bars to re-open.

Smiles and joy were witnessed on the faces of street food vendors, ladies of the night and all those who never used to lie between the sheets from dusk to dawn. They mocked the Police, what with curfew a thing of the past. And this was only Monday.

A few police vehicles were on the road patrolling the city. However, this time around, they were ensuring law and order rather than arresting any person. The officers seem to have taken refresher courses that reminded them that their job was not only to arrest, arrest and arrest.

Some bars such as Monalisa at Kabuusu, Levels and Fame in Kololo  and Vox Lounge at Makindye were filled to capacity as one could hardly breathe or find where to step.

Kampala walkways were as well decorated with parked cars.

One could easily tell the thirst people had for clubs as they could not hide their excitement. This story is best told in pictures.

Fame Lounge, Kololo

A bodaboda cyclist waits to carry revellers in Makindye yesterday. Photos by Ivan kabuye

A man sipping beer as he enjoys himself at Vox Bar in Makindye

Dj Nimrod mixing music at at Monalisa Bar in Kabuusu

Excitement at Monalisa Bar in Kabuusu

At Levels Bar

Monalisa Bar in Kabuusu

Mbarara’s finest MC Kacheche posing for a picture at Levels Bar

An MC doing his job as he excites patrons at Vox Bar in Makindye

A guy going for it at Fame Lounge Kololo












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