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Enforce COVID-19 guidelines, Police instructs regional commanders

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 By Cecilia Okoth 

The Police has instructed all its territorial commanders to step up COVID-19 enforcement measures. 

The Police has also instructed regional bosses to reactivate all regional alert squads and step up the issuance of penalties, fines and charging defaulters in court. 

This, according to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, is in preparation for the phased reopening of tertiary institutions next month, but to also curb the increasing flouting of COVID-19 guidelines by the public. 

“We are already seeing an increase of certain behaviours and activities that are in total violation of the COVID-19 health and safety protocols. This has been further compounded by acts of laxity and selective enforcement by a few commanders motivated by selfish motives, especially on bars and entertainment places,” Enanga said, adding that there has been a laxity on curfew enforcement on bodabodas, and the 50% capacity limits, on taxis and buses.   

“As part of our collaborate effort and support to the Ministry of Health, all territorial commanders have been seriously warned and reminded to fully enforce the COVID-19 prevention guidelines and standard operating procedures in their areas of responsibility.  They have to ensure the curfew restrictions are fully adhered to and that all bars and entertainment places remain closed,” he added. 

Enanga was speaking to journalists during the weekly joint security briefing held at the Police headquarters on Monday. 

The public has been reminded to comply with the set guidelines meant to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

“The primary purpose of enforcement is not to punish. Collectively we must stand up as Ugandans and do everything within our means to protect ourselves, our families, friends and the community against the spread of COVID-19,” Enanga said. 

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