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Enanga promoted to senior commissioner of Police

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By Jeff Andrew Lule 

You can call it luck or blessings! After just a month of being awarded a Heroes Day Medal, the police mouthpiece, Fred Enanga, has been promoted to the rank of Senior Commissioner of Police.

Enanga, whom many still now refer to as the golden boy in the government corridors, was among the 81 people who received medals for their exceptional services during this year’s Heroes Day celebration at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

He is now an SCP, a ranker higher than the Commissioner of Police that he has been enjoying for a while.

SCP is the fourth highest rank in the Uganda Police from the bottom, with the highest rank being the Inspector General of Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police, and Assistant Inspector General of Police.

Enanga joined the police in 2001 after his graduation in 1998 from Makerere University, with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences specialising in economics; and has been growing through ranks.

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