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Eezy and Xfm’s Deejay Ali Breezy release another lock down hit

by Editorial Team
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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko
During the first lock down when the world had just been hit by the pandemic due to corona virus, many Ugandans were singing the lyrics of Tumbiza Sound by Eezy. The song caught everyone’s attention which later even caught the attention of the Ministry of Health due to the contreversial lyrics against the ministry of health’s guidelines and presidential directives.
A few weeks back Eezzy and Ali Breezy released a new song that almost has the same message in the lyrics as Tumbiza sound. In the chorus of the new song, he sings “Muli bagume oba mulinze babaguule? Literally asking the people at home whether they are strong when it comes to partying during this lock down or they are waiting for the Government to release them.
The Government under Ministry of Health failed to give Eezzy money they had promised him last year to change and make a remix of his Tumbiza Sound with encouraging lyrics and a better message.
However, Eezzy says he did the song to answer many questions from his fans and himself about the ongoing lock downs because it seems like a certain group of people in towns are working as if they are not in any lock down while others are at home dying of poverty and hunger.
Ever since its release, the song has become a hit on different airwaves of radio and televisions topping charts and getting many requests.

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