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Eddy Kenzo forced to defend choice of costume

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Eddy Kenzo has quite a lot to contend with since his Grammy awards nomination that came a few years after winning Uganda’s only BET award to date. The multi-award-winning singer appeared on Facebook donning a red costume mimicking an ancient warrior/halloween freak that divided his fans and critics. It should be noted that Kenzo has a fondness for pushing to the extreme with his fashion choices, but this time, it seems he overstretched it.  

On facebook, a photo started the conversation and they had his attention in no time. He asked the instigator of the whole charade that had number coming close to his lady concert attendance to stop misleading his followers by attaching his choice of costumes to his success in the music industry. He said it is just a costume and so they should stop mixing God’s work with other things.

The Inspiration behind Kenzo’s garish outfit. Internet Photo

“Bambi tokyamya bavuka that’s a costume olwo lugoye kyambalo just. Mukama akola emirimu ate nemutasima God is great, God the greatest akola ebirungi nemubiwa sitani and God is watching,” he clapped back.

He carrried it to his own facebook page sharing screengrabs of the photo donning the constume juxtaposed with his source of inspiration, stating that it is God who turns the poor into royals so the youth should not accept to be mislead. His caption read: “I got the idea for my costume from this picture below temukyamya bavubuka, mukama yeka yakola ebyamagero. Era yasitula fe abanaku natufula abalangira, atenderezebwe omutonzi wegulu nensi. Katonda wabanaku teyebaka. Thank you God, alhamdlillah.”

Kenzo’s outfit that sparked outrage. Internet Photo

Meanwhile, his fans were equally upset by the insinuation, with some asking him to desist from responding to his critics.

Andama Daku: “Please Eddy Kenzo never reply such losers! They are looking for fame on Facebook. Who knew them before Facebook. Your bigger than this jr bro . I’m No kassajja.”

Lena Price UG: “Keep pronouncing the God that does it all for you, haters will flee!

They had started mbu you sacrificed your relatives for the festival, wamma you know the truth, keep doing what will take u to heaven, leave haters.”

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