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Eddie Sendi bounced for wearing ‘frog man’ mask

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By Ahmad Muto
Media personality Eddie Sendi took his frustration to social media on Monday, July 5 2021 to recount how he got bounced from a city bank for putting on a face shield and not a face mask.
He roared asking them to come up with a clear-cut policy on what qualifies and what does not.
“I have this morning gone to @AbsaUganda Ndeba branch with my mask and the manager has told the guard to ask me go out that it’s not recognised as a mask. @Absa can you come out with a clear policy of what is a mask and what’s not,” tweeted.

He later added that the bank called and apologised to him. “I have just received a call from Absa Head of Customer experience apologising for the inconvenience I suffered this morning. Thanks Diana for the Apology.”

However, social media was unbothered by his complaint, it instead focused on the fact that he failed to differentiate a face mask from a face shield and how each works.

@SwaibNow: “Is that a face mask or face shield? You must use a face mask not a face shield. Next time please first ask for information on how to use certain things before the public.”

@Simon Kaheru: “To be fair, that’s a face shield, not a face mask. A face shield should be worn together with a face mask underneath it. Face shield protect you from splash and splatter. Face masks protect others, as well as yourself from droplets.”

Meanwhile, Absa bank Uganda has come out to apologize to Edward Sendi . They however said that only masks that were gazetted by ministry of health are the ones permitted.

“Hello We apologize for the unfortunate and unpleasant experience you went through at our branch this morning.
We do encourage use of masks that were gazetted in the Ministry Of Health (M.O.H) guidelines and observing SOP’s. However, we appreciate your feedback.” ABSA apologized to Eddie Sendi.

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