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Ebonies’ actress ‘Nakawunde’ happy people remember her by stage name

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By Kampala Sun Writer

Commonly known in the 1990s by her mononym Nakawunde in the popular TV drama, That’s Life Mwattu, Ebonies’ actress Harriet Nalubwama gripped the young and the old with her ‘village’ theatrics.

In the story line, Dr. Dick Walusimbi (now deceased) dumps his bratty partner, Vicky (Rose Kamya), and picks Nakawunde from Kiboga village as his wife. He promptly brings her to live with him in the city.

Fresh out of the village, Nakawunde must navigate life in her new home in the city, with all the appliances like fridges and ‘strange’ foods like margarine and breakfast cereal.

Her naivety evoked amusement among viewers.

Nakawunde later left Uganda for the UK in 2002. Nakawunde, who now goes by Harriet Makubuya, recently returned and she is nothing like the child-like Nakawunde of old.

The main cast of That’s Life Mwattu; Harriet Nalubwama, Sam Bagenda, Rose Kamya, Paul Katende (RIP) and Harriet Lwanga

Ebonies’ actors Sam Bagenda, Harriet Nalubwama (Nakawunde) and Paul Katende (RIP) leave for South Africa to shoot That’s Life Mwattu and Bibaawo drama series

In an interview with NTV, Makubuya, dressed in a black jumpsuit, pointy heels, junky gold necklace and a gold chain belt, explained why she left Uganda.

“I felt like I had done enough for the country. I needed to take care of myself.”

Makubuya says she was able to progress with her studies while abroad. She is now a nurse.

She denied leaving the Ebonies due to poor pay. She says she is on good terms with the group and whenever she is in Uganda, she watches their dramas from Theatre La Bonita.

Makubuya expressed gratitude that people still remember her by her stage number.

Asked if she can act in a play with the Ebonies again: “The years have passed. There are younger talented people who can act. We need to mentor the young people.”

Makubuya appealed to the Government to support the arts industry, the way it does other sectors like agriculture.




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