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Dyslexia: Like Loukman Ali, Pogba’s Kenyan stylist reveals it helped her

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Football star Paul Pogba’s Kenyan stylist Dolly Mungai who is based in the UK has revealed that dyslexia – a learning disorder that creates difficulty in interpreting words, letters and symbols – has enabled her become the star stylist she is today. That she can’t imagine how her life could have turned out without it. According to her, dyslexia has enabled her think deeply about things and explore them to great depth.

That signs she had dyslexia manifested when she was in school, it was discovered by a specialist after her mother discovered her character was odd. She made the revelation during an interview with Kenyan radio, Nation FM.
She has also worked as a personal shopper for retired football star David Beckham’s singer and model wife, Victoria Beckham. And also worked with English Football Club Crystal Palace.

Late last year, shortly after his short film The girl in the yellow jumper made it to Netflix, Cinematographer Loukman Ali revealed dyslexia embarrassed him a lot in school because he never performed well in exams. Reason? He could not answer questions yet he seemed smart in class. It was until he got into doing commercials that he got some confidence to start scripting and then discovered spell-check online.
Loukman has since become one of the most sought for cinematographers on the continent; besides getting Uganda’s first film on movie streaming platform, Netflix, he also has a number of other films to his name – The Bad MexicanMondayThe Blind Date and Sixteen rounds. 

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