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Dr. Kulthum, Dr. Hilderman, Chris Banina star in new movie “nkusse”

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By Hussein Kiganda

Newly wedded bride Hajjati Dr. Kulthum Nabunya, Mawokota North legislator Hillary Kiyaga(Dr. Hilderman) and “like I Do” singer Chris Banina, of The Baninas, are headlining a new Ugandan movie “Nkusse” directed by Mariam Bukenya, commonly known as Ketra in the Ebonies shows.

“Nkusse” was premiered on January 20, 2023, at Theatre Labonita, and highlights the dangers of abortion, strict parents, and the role of leaders in society.

The movie’s premiere was graced by Hon Sarah Mateke Nyirabashitsi, the current Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs in the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Hon. Grace Mary Mugasa,  the state Minister of Public Service, Teddy Nambooze, the woman member of Parliament, and several other public figures.

A scene in the movie. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

Bukenya told The Kampala Sun that she wrote the movie during the covid19 era after realizing that several schoolchildren had been affected. Her goal was to offer solutions to the many problems that the scholars and parents had got.

“I noted that both parents and their female children were going through a lot. I thought of how to solve these problems and as an actor, I thought the best way to do it is through film. I wrote the story that could bring out all these and their solutions,” she said.

On how she managed to gather a cast of celebrities, Bukenya said they didn’t give her hard time because the theme of the movie was educative. She added that contacting them one on one and explaining to them how the movie was important to society also added a brick towards their acceptance.

Actress Sarah Kisawuzi (left) in one of the scenes. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

“Nkusse” is about an orphaned school dropout Emmanuela(Mariam Bukenya) who lives with her strict and quarrelsome Senga or paternal aunt(Laila Kalanzi) together with her cousin sister Hanita(Tania Shakirah Kankindi).

Produced by Nsubuga Mayombwe, Sam Bagenda, and Mariam Bukenya, the movie was shoot by VCL Studios(The Ebonie) and it features other actors such as; Godfrey Kimuli, Yasin Kasawuli, Agiri Nabukenya, Tracey Nassanga, Sarah Ssentongo Kisauzi, Bisambi Bitereka, Charles Ssetimba, Sylvia Kasirye, David Kute, Aisha Nanyondo, Teddy Nanyondo and several more.


The movie carries both an urban and local setting showing the backgrounds of the actors and the situations in which they live. From Senga’s local compound to the legislator’s home. It’s a clear contrast between the village and the city. 

At the character exposition stage, one would think the senga is the lead character but when the writer(Mariam Bukenya) sticks to Emmie, the focus changes. The writer keeps on introducing new characters into the story, perhaps to either spark conflicts or resolve them.

Dr. Hilderman (Seated) on set. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

She keeps on suffocating the audience with sadness till the falling action. If it is not for the comedy she uses to keep the audience in good mood, tears would have filled up the cinema hall.

Disposing off such a young character(Hani) because of the mistakes she made is not good, especially for the unborn character in her womb. It’s only for the sake of the lesson that the writer can be pardoned.

It’s good to watch when she rewards Emmie with a baby and a chance to go to school, but as she punishes Hani with death, she forgets the doctor who aids in the abortion. Prison would have been his home regardless of the problems the writer shows he has. I still do not understand why the people that impregnate are left to go free! Why is Hani’s sugar daddy not punished while the young girl rots in the grave? And those officers that took bribes, why aren’t they punished?

For the sake of the educative themes in the movie, an 80% rating is not bad for it. A look into the cinematography and acting shall be for next time. Waiting to watch Hajjati Kulthum, Dr. Hilderman,  and Banina Chris in more movies.

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