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Dr. Hilary delivers one hour and forty-five minutes of comedy

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By Kampala Sun writer

It’s been a long time since we witnessed a comedy crowd giving a standing ovation after a comedian has finished their performance. Last Friday at the National theatre, the crowd genuinely stood up to clap for Dr. Hilary Okello after his performance.

Dr. Hilary held his much anticipated comedy special which he preferred to call ‘Laugh at my People’ and the attendance was massive. For a comedian who has been on stage for less than 10 years and only performs for other comedians, it was tricky in the beginning. Many were not sure if he would pull off the show in terms of numbers but for performance, he had proved how good he was during his performances on other stages.

Comedian Mudhasi delivers his set during his fellow comedian’s show at National Theatre. Photo. Courtesy

Dr. Hilary set the mood at the national theatre that evening as the people were already outside waiting to get into the theatre and others were busy getting their tickets at the box office. Many comedians didn’t get on the stage and were seen getting their tickets to support their own. Among these were comedian Optional Allan who also has a comedy show coming up on July 22 still at the National theatre. Joshua Okello Okello, Cotilda, Ann Kansiime, Don Andre, Timothy Nyanzi and Omukebete were among the comedians who showed support.

Dr. Hillary Okello received a standing ovation from the crowd at the National Theatre. Courtesy Photo.

Dr. Hilary’s show started at 8pm with an upcoming reggae artiste known as Gozando and a guitarist Chris Bahizi who took the crowd a little into the music mood before the jokes came in. Teenage comedian Kaabu came on stage and did a few jokes before leaving stage for Comedian Elvis who later left it for the last curtain raiser who was Christian comedian Pius Jonathan Mudhaasi.

Dr. Hilary came on stage at exactly 9pm and like other comedians, everyone thought he was going to do the jokes in breaks. Boy Oh Boy, man came with his bottle of water on stage and did a whole one hour and forty five minutes of jokes. The crowd in return laughed loud for the whole time he was on stage.

The show ended after he had left the stage but just outside the theatre, there were only good reviews of his show and many were already asking about the next show.

Laugh at my People comedy show was produced by Mark Gordon and directed by Achura Frederick of Atonga Media.

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