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Dorothy Shonga celebrates ex on Father’s Day

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Socialites Dorothy and Herbert Shonga might have divorced two years ago but they seem to share a very close bond as shown on social media.

 On Father’s Day, Dorothy Shonga penned a heartfelt note to Herbert Shonga calling him the best person to ever happen to their children.

Complete with a recent picture of them together with their children, she wrote: “Herbert, I celebrate you for being Ethan, Eliza and Victor’s father. Happy Father’s Day,” she wrote.

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga on the day they finalized their divorce in a Malawi court. file photo

For fans of the former couple, it was time for a reunion.  “Dorothy, one word for you darling, you are looking amazing and beautiful together. As the kids grow, they need you together. Forgive each other and stay a beautiful life. No one is perfect…,” a one Betty wrote.

The couple legally split in 2020 after two years of living apart.   Dorothy split with Herbert in 2018 saying she was tired of Herbert’s unfaithfulness.

 She requested for divorce but Herbert was reluctant to append his signature which led to a social media battle.

In one social media post in 2018, Dorothy wrote, “Herbert Shonga, I have just seen your live video where you claimed you refused to sign the divorce papers because they are fake since we got married in Uganda. You forget you are a citizen of Malawi too and you won’t run away from this. I have attached your passport in case you have forgotten you have one.

For 15 years I have watched you sleep with our housemaids, my friends, and everyone you came across. I have forgiven you for 15 years thinking you will change, I was wrong. You thought am your toy coz I always took you back for the sake of our children. Now the nose you pressed has bled profusely for no blood is left.”

Following their split, Dorothy flew back to her native Malawi while Herbert stayed in Uganda. He briefly dated singer Sasha Brighton but the relationship never lasted.  

Dorothy found another man and ironically, Herbert Shonga revealed that he can’t wait to be the best man at his ex-lover’s wedding one year after their divorce.  

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