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Broke people shouldn’t invest in the film industry, Morris Mugisha warns

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By Hussein Kiganda

Morris Mugisha, a movie director whose film Tembele was selected to represent Uganda at the 2022 Oscars, has cautioned filmmakers who lack adequate financial resources against investing in the industry.

Appearing on Urban TV on April 27, Mugisha, who is also an actor and scriptwriter, emphasised that substantial funds are necessary to create high-quality movies. He warned that filmmakers who fail to invest sufficiently risk producing half-baked work.

“If you do not have money, please don’t try doing film. It’s one of the most expensive ventures. Make sure you have some money so that you make a reasonable movie that can take you somewhere,” Mugisha advised.

However, he encouraged aspiring filmmakers to enter the industry by seeking funding from various companies and organisations interested in promoting the art of film.

Mugisha expressed gratitude to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for its support of the film industry over the years.

“The UCC has done good work over the years. I call upon it to invest in more and not focus on Kampala alone. Other regions too should be considered to groom filmmakers from every part of the country,” he remarked.

Furthermore, Mugisha called upon all authorities and decision-makers in Uganda to recognise the entertainment industry’s potential to drive the country’s economic growth.

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