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Don’t dance like a duck at your wedding, hire a choreographer

by Editorial Team
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By Rebecca Nalunga

Today, big bridal entourages seem to be in vogue featuring both groomsmen and bridesmaids.
The eye-catching entrance dance at the reception is a highlight for both the guests and the bridal party. But how exactly do they get to be in sync as they present the entrance?

It all comes down to the choreography, according to Allan Muhebwa, a dance choreographer and the CEO of Kyusawato Dance Company. The choreography is crafted to the interests of the couple’s favourite dance beats.

“Do you love afrobeat, Lingala or Amapiano? What exactly, as a couple, are your favourite beats? Choose those and train in them,” Muhebwa advises.
He says the training period varies from individual to individual, but at least six sessions are adequate.  

Muhebwa says they can be once a week or once a day and the group will still pull it off.
When it comes to comfort and ease, he assures that everyone can dance, regardless of age, size and ability.
“Even if the bride is pregnant, we can customise the dance to fit her and she will enjoy it. We understand that some on the entourage will be in high heels, so we ask them to come for rehearsals wearing those heels to get used to dancing in them and mitigate injuries,” Muhebwa guides.
When choosing a wedding dance choreographer, he advises attending their dance sessions to get a feel of what they can offer and then having a one-on-one with them to discuss the logistics. 

Muhewa notes that children on the entourage can also be included in the dance sequence for uniformity and fun.

“A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so the couple has to pull out all the stops to create golden memories for this big day. You need to watch your wedding video in amazement at how much fun you had,” he adds.

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