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DJ Slick Stuart bounced in Mbarara

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By Ivan Kabuye

Staurt Kavuma alias DJ Slick Stuart had a night to forget in Mbarara over the weekend. 

Arguably one of the finest DJs in town, he was the main spinner at the Johnnie Walker Tour held at Mbarara’s Agip Motel. His mixes engaged the crowd and he must have itched for more.

Moles tell us that when the party at Agip Motel ended the after party was moved to Vybz Bar.  Slick Stuart waltzed to the bar like royalty and anticipated a red-carpet roll to the DJ’s booth.  It never happened.

Unknown to Slick Stuart and the Kampala crew, Mbarara based DJs and their allies colluded and denied him access to the DJ’s box.

Thinking it was perhaps a sick joke, Mbarara’s famed emcee Kacheche took to the microphone to announce that DJ Slick Stuart’s time to take the decks was on.  This even was met with stiffer resistance, curses and incantations in their native Runyakitara. A bouncer was put in place to ensure Stuart never played music.

After Stuart was denied access, he never stayed long and disappeared from the club, visibly perplexed.

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