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Dirty secondary school bathrooms led to my challenges giving birth – Kansiime

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By Ahmad Muto

According to city comedienne, Anne Kansiime, the reason she had difficulties with child bearing, was her life as a student. She said they used to be forced to clean bathrooms because there would come a time when a huge number of them would have Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), but they would be afraid to seek treatment out of fear of how the news would be received.
“My journey to get pregnant is not a short one. It started a long time ago when we were still in school. Some of our lifestyles from school days are the stuff affecting our fertility now. I do not know about you guys, but I was in Bweranyangyi Girls Secondary School for six years. I miss that school. As far back as that we had UTIs, like everyone would have in a particular season because bathrooms would be dirty and they were always beating us to clean up. Then you find yourself with an infection and you are afraid to go for treatment,” she said.
Kansiime notes that she was always afraid to seek treatment because she was not sexually active until her second year at campus so having issues with the reproductive system was traumatising.
“In your head, you are thinking by the time they are going to treat you for a disease in your private part, you must have done something with it that you should not have done,” she added.
Kansiime explained that she got to know her tubes were blocked after struggling for a long time and the painful process of unblocking started. However, even after, she still failed to conceive. She packed her bags and left Kampala for her fiancé, Skylanta’s address in Mbarara, vowing not to return. But a gig as an influencer with Visa Uganda brought her back. And that was when her friend, city stylist, poet and socialite, Linda ‘Nunu’ Butare noticed she had changed a little, subjected her to a pregnancy test and the result is their son, Selassie Ataho born in April 2021. She added that she did not want to give birth in Uganda because of the media, but the hospital she went to (TMR) kept it a top secret. Even when it got out, it was not the hospital that released the news. It is important to note that Kansiime vowed years go never to do media interviews and has stuck to her word.

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