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Did Zari use Dark Stallion to get back Diamond Platnumz?

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has over the years built her name around flipping men like traffic lights on a busy street. The tag ‘man eater’ is synonymous with Zari in Kampala. What makes her different from a random city slay queen however is the art, or rather the science with which she drops and picks.

Rasta Rob claims there was him first who dusted her off, then the late Ivan Ssemwanga polished her, socialite Farouk Ssempala flipped her like slay kings do, basketballer Isaac Lugudde let her feel his abs, Ssemwanga again then Diamond Platnumz, King Bae, Dark Stallion and Diamond again. Atleast those are the ones that have been documented. Peter Okoye (P-Square) and Ghanaian actor Fredrick Nuamah sound like sirens of passing ambulance.
Of all her men, Dark Stallion had the shortest and least enjoyable contract. Introduced on Valentine’s Day 2021. Today he is history. Enter Dark Stallion. Never did she reveal his face until sometime last year before quietly releasing him. When know so because she deleted all photos of them together on her Instagram.

Zari and Diamond Platnumz during the happier times. The former couple is spending more time together fuelling speculation of a reunion (photo: Instagram)

King Bae who replaced Diamond was first mentioned on Valentine’s Day of 2018, the day Diamond learnt via Instagram that she wasn’t going back home. It was later revealed that he was a one @prince_mickymill_goat on Instagram, a South Africa based socialite into real estate.

From Valentine Day 2018 to November last year, tension between Zari and Diamond didn’t miss a moment on social media or press. He accused Zari of cheating on him with Nigerian singer Peter Okoye of the now disbanded P-Square. In her defence, she accused him of not paying child support. According to Diamond, he was giving $2,000 per month.
At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Diamond offered to give supplies to people in Tanzania to enable them survive lockdown. Who knew he was still a deadbeat? Nobody except Zari. She came out guns blazing accusing the father of her two children of feeding everyone in the world for clout except her children that he provides nothing for.
All the while Diamond was busy with his rebound, Tanasha Donna, Zari was busy with hers; King Bae whose face she protected from the public like her ATM pin
Diamond broke up with Tanasha, Zari hid Dark Stallion’s identity a little more until late 2020, just in time to get back with Diamond again. In November 2020, she put both children on a Kenya Airways flight to Dar-es-Salaam, checked into the house she left in 2018, spent days there and returned. What did she tell the press? They were co-parenting. And Zari returned to Tanzania in early June, allegedly to do charity and give sanitary pads to girls.
This year, Diamond returned the visit by taking a flight to South Africa where he spent days with his children and their mother. Oh! And they had a series of photoshoots that according to body language experts, they are past their rough phase.
Last week she wrote on social media: “I miss him, but I had to let him g. If it doesn’t build me, I won’t keep it.” She only unveiled his face this year on Valentine’s Day, as if to spite Diamond to move faster. That was Dark Stallion becoming a statistic on her body count.
This week, their daughter Tiffah revealed on Instagram that her parents are in love. She said: “Let me tell you all about my mom and dad in love….” before in a quick rejoinder Zari said: “No, It’s not true, that’s not true talk about something else. You are a cute little liar. Say good night to the people because you are talking too much.”
Dark Stallion is a Nigerian businessman living in Johannesburg, South Africa. His real name is Jerry Ebi Ebi. He has since disappeared from her Instagram. Just in time for a new Netflix series, ‘Young, Famous and African that will see her share the screen with Diamond among other African

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