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Diana Nabatanzi drinks to Ex- Lwasa’s arrest

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By Kampala sun writer

Masaka city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi was arrested and detained a few days ago after being nabbed in a fake gold deal.

The news of his arrest sent shockwaves to his admirers and detractors.  If there is anyone who popped champagne to the news, it was his ex- Diana Nabatanzi.

At the height of their fall out, the two exchanged bitterly with Lwasa claiming the TV personality was infertile after failing to give him children.

”I wasn’t benefiting from the relationship. You can’t date someone for 5 years and you don’t know their parents. I asked her for a child but she had other plans”-He argued.

With the tables turned, it was Nabatanzi’s turn to celebrate.  She posted a picture on her Instagram account sipping Baileys and posted: ” Tuli out sideeeeeeee!!!!! Tuli wabweruuuuu grab your new bailey’s delight bottle. Very affordable & start the weeekend. #dontdrink&drive…. “- she posted.

For many, the timing was uncanny.   However, when she was prodded by curious fans, she replied with the laughing emojis

Emmanuel Lwasa found himself behind bars following a claim by a one Jeff who accused him of selling to him fake gold worth USD60,000.

The deal sealed in December left Jeff with a sour taste in the mouth, forcing him to hunt for Lwasa for a couple of days utill he was found.

“We did a transaction with Lwasa on the 2nd of December 2021 worth 60,000 dollars. He was supposed to deliver gold to us but instead delivered fake products. When we realized it, we contacted him and he promised to deliver the genuine product. However, since then, he has been hiding and dodging our calls.

He is currently being held behind police bars where he is expected to come from next week and appear before the court.


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