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Desire Derekford reveals why Kisti was not hired

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By Ahmad Muto
The Next Media Brand and Communications manager, Desire Derekford Mugumisa has slammed former media personality Robin Kisti who is currently on a job hunt. According to Mugumisa, they never auditioned her for a slot on their TV and there was no such arrangement, but rather they invited her as a guest like they did to other media personalities. He was reacting to people asking the management of the media house to at least apologise to Kisti who dished out vitriol on Snapchat on Friday, (November 5) claiming she was exploited.
“Call someone you never had no kind of conversation with as portrayed? The very talented Kisti was not auditioning for #NBSAfter5, and the only sorry I will personally say is if she somehow took it as that. Like @mccasmir or @emeka_ug, she was invited as a guest host for a day,” he explained.
About the argument that perhaps when she was invited as a guest host, she was never explained to properly and thought it was going to be an on-air audition, Mugumisa said she just chose to cause a fuss because nobody mentioned anything close to that to her.
“I am sure nothing of that sort was told to her. She is only choosing drama, and the only thing one can do is let her be. Would you in your right senses ask Emeka (comedian), Casmir (formerly of Urban TV) or Kisti to audition for a freaking live music show? On air?” he wondered.
Kisti via Snapchat vented her frustration in series:
“Why even put me on the show as a contender when you already knew you were gonna put Sheilah? Not kool at all! Kyoka nga there is not even any competition there as far as talent! Numbers can be bought, but will not buy mine.”

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