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Deputy Speaker gives confused actress who went to pick namesake’s prize at UFF sh2m

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Actress Diana Kahunde has received the sh2m, which was promised to her by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa after a mix-up at the Uganda Film Festival (UFF) awards gala night held at the Uganda Institute of Communication and Technology in Nakawa, Kampala on June 2, 2023.

During the event, Kahunde, who was nominated for the Best Actress in a TV Drama Series award, found herself in an unfortunate situation when she mistakenly heard her name called out as the winner.

Eager and filled with joy, Kahunde stepped forward to accept the award, only to be informed that she was not the rightful recipient, but her competitor Diana Nabatanzi.

Feeling disheartened, Kahunde swiftly left the stage, overcome with disappointment. However, hope was soon restored when Malaika Nnyanzi, one of the hosts, revealed that Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa had pledged to gift Kahunde with sh2m to console her and acknowledge her talent.

In an interview with The Kampala Sun, Kahunde confirmed that she had received the money from Tayebwa. She expressed her profound appreciation for his gesture, acknowledging that the monetary reward brought her immense joy and made her feel like a winner despite the mix-up. Kahunde further revealed that the funds would be invested in her upcoming movie project, kickstarting her artistic journey anew.

“Yes, I received the money from the deputy speaker and I am very grateful to him for this heartfelt gesture. Now, the avenue to work on my upcoming movie has been opened, so this was a blessing in disguise,” Kahunde exclaimed gratefully.

Reflecting on the disheartening experience at the awards ceremony, Kahunde admitted that it had been one of the most challenging moments of her career. Nevertheless, she emphasised that it had only served to strengthen her.

“It was an incredibly disheartening experience, and truth be told, it left me broken. However, I have learned to move forward, and this setback has transformed me into a stronger woman. I firmly believe that I will seize that coveted award in the future,” Kahunde said.

Furthermore, Kahunde shared that the incident had led to numerous encounters with influential individuals, suggesting that the misfortune had brought unforeseen blessings into her life.

As a renowned actress known for her exceptional performances in Bed of Thorns, 27 Guns, All For Love, and many more, she is currently focused on producing a thought-provoking movie centred around mental health. She optimistically revealed that the film might grace screens later this year.

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