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Denzel roasted over Forest Mall, Shoprite closure opinion

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Following the news on Tuesday, July 14 2021 that Forest Mall and Shoprite were closed over not observing Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), a lot of Ugandans shared their opinion.

But Media personality Denzel Mwiyeretsi sacrificed himself with an opinion that left him bare. He expressed sorrow over the closure saying it has left many unemployed, sparking off the kind of fury he least expected.  

He tweeted: “Sad to learn about the closing of #LugogoMall. How many more people have woken up today to suddenly find they are unemployed? Some fellow seated at home now looking at his wife and kids with no idea how long their current food stock will last and what will happen thereafter.”

They bashed him for coming out now to defend the closure of a high end mall yet downtown, arcades have been closed for much longer while night clubs have not opened for over a year and half. They wondered why his sorrow is selective.

@EgweuSimon: “Have you ever felt bad about us who run night clubs, etc and have been closed for a year or so…..”

@iam_atuhaire: “Lol Denzel just woken up to the fact of lockdown effects, isn’t this hypocrisy?”

@ana-kamwine: “You’re concerned about lugogo mall that has just been closed, at least they have been working. What about people that have not been working, with nothing to eat? I think they need more concern and attention and empathy!”

@Bakaralsa: “The biggest problem in Uganda is double standards, people only voice up when they are directly affected not when the society is affected, think about those who have been home since lockdown.”

Faced with ridicule of this magnitude, Denzel came back hours later to detail how he has also been affected by the lockdown.

“Rather presumptuous of you to think I’ve been silent. Because you haven’t seen my tweets doesn’t mean I’ve been silent. I opposed lockdown from the onset because of its inequality. My core career, entertainment, has been locked up since Feb 2020 and I’m one of those who lost work.”

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