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Day 17 of Lynette Xen’s pregnancy chronicles: Never knew my pregnancy was such a big deal

by Editorial Team
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On this last Woman Crush Wednesday ( WCW) of the year, we are crushing on our very own Lynette Xen.
Lynette Xen aka Mama Blesser hosts a musical and lifestyle show daily from Monday to Friday from mid-day to 2:30 pm and we dedicated this day to her for diligently and consistently allowing to give us a daily dose of tales about her pregnancy on a daily from the time she wakes up in the morning.
“My Wednesday has been fantastic and exciting, I woke up feeling good and well today, slowly by slowly i am getting used to the very cold water I have to shower on a daily at 5am.

My mother insists it’s good for pregnant women so definitely I had to obey but the genesis wasn’t easy. After my breakfast today, I gave time to my social media platforms, I have been busy and lazy to check all the notifications, messages and compliments.

From what I have seen, my pregnancy ia such a big deal on social media. I have so many people that love and care about me so much. In this my pregnancy condition I realized there are also people who can take bullets for me something that has excited me.

The comments about my pregnancy tales are crazy, I didn’t know people read these daily updates this much, some made me laugh ear to ear, others made me think hard about life, but that’s social media for you, you can never please everyone.

I have managed to answer some of the DM’s especially those that really mattered. The time I have spent on the socials today has also helped keep my pressure normal. My show has also been interesting, the music and all the shout outs from the viewers were amazing.”
As told to Ranell Dickson Nsereko

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