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Day 16 of Lynette Xen’s pregnancy chronicles: My Christmas was about eating for the whole day

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We are back with tales of Lynette Xen’s day from when she woke up this morning.

Lynette Xen hosts a music and lifestyle show daily from Monday to Friday from mid-day to 2:30 pm. She gives a daily dose of her pregnancy to our readers.

“It’s been days ever since I shared my pregnancy chronicles. It’s because I was abit and down with the festive holiday and family. I last shared when I was from our end-of-year lifestyle and entertainment party, the experience was fun, and I didn’t sleep that night. I had a show to host that very night.

The following day Saturday was amazing and fun, I woke up feeling good and fresh. It was a day for my shopping and it all went on well. I managed to help out the family with a few things like making snacks and preparing fruits, especially for the babies on holiday.

Christmas day was a normal day. It was all about eating and feasting, like I told you before my appetite is beyond normal of late. I eat food for two people I don’t know how many times a day. So my Christmas was a food Christmas I can say.

Stayed with my family and I didn’t step out of the home. Monday which is Boxing Day was my normal working day. I woke up with vibes of working and was excited for my show however I kind of got pissed when I reached work and the food ladies at the canteen hadn’t worked. I was disappointed because my hunger levels were high. I managed to do the show because its my task to entertain our viewers but my energy was low.”

“Today has been exciting, woke up showering with cold water as usual early in morning at 5 am. Everything has been okay and normal, my sister now has the task of getting me food anytime and where on a daily. At least now my hunger issues are sorted.”

As told to Ranell Dickson Nsereko

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