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Daxx Kartel entertains as turf league celebrates season champions

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

The much-awaited season finale of the 4th edition of the ever so thrilling Leisure Park Turf League (LPTL) took place on Sunday at Time Out Leisure Park in Mbalwa, culminating in a magnificent display of football prowess.

After six months of fierce competition, Amigos FC emerged as the champions, solidifying their dominance in the league and captivating football enthusiasts across Kampala.

In their final game of the season, Amigos United delivered an awe-inspiring performance, humbling 5th placed Omit FC with an incredible 6-0 victory, showcasing their exceptional skills and team spirit. Throughout the league, Amigos United maintained their stronghold, thanks to their robust lineup led by their towering Defender, Martin Mpuuga, helping them to an impressive total of 59 points.

The winners of the Leisure Park Turf League (Amigos) lift the overall trophy . Courtesy photo

Pirates SC, another formidable contender, concluded their season with 53 points, securing a commendable second place in the league. Following closely, Time Out FC secured the 3rd place with 41 points, while Galacticals earned the 4th spot. Omit FC and Abakamanyi FC rounded out the top six teams in 5th and 6th place, respectively.

Over the past six months, the LPTL has established itself as the most revered Sunday league in Kampala, surpassing all 8 aside leagues in terms of talent attraction, fans, consistency and attendance. The league’s popularity soared even higher as it attracted football fans from all corners of the city, who gathered to witness thrilling matches and cheer for their favorite teams.

The grand finale of the LPTL was further enlivened by electrifying performances from music star Dax Kartel, adding an entertainment extravaganza to the already exhilarating football tournament.

As the event wrapped up, Hassan Wasswa, the chairman of the LPTL League, addressed the press, reaffirming the league’s commitment to enhancing the experience for fans and players alike. He emphasized the importance of keeping fans engaged and informed, with the introduction of a mobile application providing live updates, transfer news, and scores, enabling over 1,000 passionate spectators to stay up-to-date with the league’s proceedings.

“The LPTL aims not only to cater to the ever-growing legions of football fans but also to serve as a platform for nurturing and promoting young talent,” said Hassan Wasswa. “We are dedicated to creating an unparalleled experience for all stakeholders, elevating the league’s status as a breeding ground for raw football talent.”

The season finale also featured an award session, recognizing individual brilliance and outstanding performances by different players throughout the league, further cementing the league’s reputation as a nurturing ground for football excellence.

The success of the 4th edition of the LPTL has left an indelible mark, with scouts thronging the venue, scouting for the next football sensations, and fans eagerly anticipating the forthcoming edition.

The Individual Accolades were as below;

Best fan

 Jackie Gumushabe

 • Most exciting player

 Danko Jotham (abakamanyi) 

Play maker Award 

Keita Talikwa (Amigos Utd

Best young player 

Muwonge Mahad (Abakamanyi

Most exciting team

Pirates SC

 Most exciting fans

 LG Wolves 

 Fair play award 

LPTL doctors 

 Most improved player 

Bakka Roland (Invincibles

Most disciplined team

 Amigos United 

 Best coach of the season

 Kasolo Abdul wahab (Amigos united) 

Best goal keeper of the season

 Amiri Baba….. (Amigos Utd) 

 Best defender of the season

 Martin Mpuuga (Amigos united

Best midfielder of the season 

Omara Sam (Time out fc

• Goal of the season 

Gidudu Ivan (Timeout) against Amigos UTD

 • Top scorer Muhamme Elisha (SS F.C) ..

Presidential Award 

Walugembe Derrick-Pirates sc 

• Most Valuable Player (MVP) 

Martin Mpuuga (Amigos united

• Team of the season. 

(GK (goal keeper), D (defender), M (midfielder), F (forward)) (GK) Amiri Baba…..…….. Amigos Utd (D) Matovu Rogers……. Pirates Sc (D) Martin Mpuuga……Amigos united (M) Kintu Samuel……….Pirates SC (M) Omara sam……….Timeout FC (M) Walugembe Derrick………Pirates SC (F) Mubiru Jose………..Amigos united (F) Muhammad Elisha……..SS F.C

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