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Dating Peter Miles was a rollercoaster – Cleopatra

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By Ahmad Muto

Entertainer Cleopatra Koheirwe has described her relationship with once top-tier dancehall singer Peter Miles as a roller-coaster.

“Those who know I dated Peter Miles, it was for four years, but that was a roller-coaster. And then again, we were young. We got to talk about it later. He apologised, I apologised. I got to be apologised to by my exes, including my baby daddy,” said Cleopatra during a radio interview with media personality Flavia Tumusiime on Sunday, September 17, 2023.   

During a media interview in Kenya five years ago, Cleopatra revealed that she was not interested in dating the dancehall singer, but her friends pushed her to consider it. However, Cleo said she later regretted the decision.

About Lwanda Jawar, a Kenyan actor and father of her daughter Aviana Twine Jawar, 9, she said he is a good man, but she decided to move on despite him wanting them together. She said she is looking forward to getting married.

“He is a good man. I appreciate him. People expect you to talk about a person you are not really with badly. But even him, he is trying to cope with it because he does not want us to breakup. But it has been hard, he is in Kenya, I am here. It has really been hard on us,” she said.

“I’m in that space where I am like ‘let’s be real.’ Factual, it has been years and really we are not together so he is trying to adjust to it. For me I have and I am moving on. I am ready to get married and if I don’t, it is okay. It is not my destiny. But I love marriage, I love love and want my daughter to have a stable family unit. I didn’t have that.” she added.

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