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Daniella mute as Chameleone graduates

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

In the early 2000s, singer Jose Chameleone scoffed at those who peddled the story that he was a school dropout. 

“You cannot take your degree to the bank as security for a loan,” he said. 

Chameleone later reasoned that there was a degree under his roof as his wife, Daniella Atim, was a Makerere University graduate.

Fast forward. Just when we expected the vocal Daniella to celebrate Chameleone’s milestone after he bagged a bachelor’s degree, she went mute

On Thursday, August 10, 2023, Chameleone graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in international relations and diplomacy at Cavendish University. 

The Baliwa singer’s graduation session was graced by his sons, Abba Marcus and Alpha Mayanja, who jetted in recently. Chameleone’s parents, Gerald and Prossy Mayanja were also in attendance, albeit reaching late. 

Singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone at his graduation at Cavendish University on August 10, 2023. Photo by Ibrahim Bbosa

Chameleone’s graduation was celebrated by friends in the industry.

By press time, Daniella was yet to pen any congratulatory message. She instead chose to celebrate her sister’s wedding on Instagram. Previously, she has been critical of the Mayanja brothers, notably condemning Weasel for his alleged battery of his Rwandan baby mama, Sandra Teta. 

It should be noted that in 2021, Chameleone announced that his marriage to Daniella had ended.

He wrote that he was a single man, but was not searching.

“I let you be, Daniella. God bless you always. I can’t prove myself more than I have,” Chameleone posted.

This came after Daniella went to court seeking to end their nine-year marriage.  She accused Chameleone of cruelty and battery.  Daniella relocated to the US in 2019 and lives in Minnesota with the couple’s five children.

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