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Daniel Omara to stage 75-minute comedy special in Kigali

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By Ahmad Muto

Comedian and actor Daniel Omara has been booked for a 75-minute comedy special in Kigali, Rwanda following his successful maiden edition at the National Theatre in 2022.

Speaking to The Kampala Sun, he said he will be headlining the show dubbed, The LoL Model, An Original Comedy Special by Daniel Omara and will share the stage with three other Rwandan comedians.

The 75-minute, he said, is more like the first and as comedians, sometimes they don’t even realise how long they have been on stage, 40 minutes in but it is like they have just started.

After his first special, Omara said he contacted promoters from other countries – Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan. Rwanda’s Arthur Nkusi got back to him early this year, then went silent only to show up weeks ago with a solid plan for Kigali. Now Omara has to wake up everyday at 4:00am for rehearsals until the date of show on Sunday, May 28, 2023.  

His ultimate goal is to create something similar to American comedian Chris Rock’s 2006 kind off stand-up comedy, where he staged shows in the US, UK and South Africa, then stitched them together to create one piece that turned out to be a hit.

Omara, however, drew a line between Uganda and Rwandan audiences. He argued that in Kampala, people have favourites, they ask if there will be singers and who else is on the line-up just to decide whether they should attend or not. The latter, on the other hand, he said just consume art and trust their promoters. They will show up in numbers to enjoy a show regardless of who is on the line-up.

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