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Daddy Andre says he is a victim of women empowerment

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By Ahmad Muto
Music producer and singer Daddy Andre said a terrible image of him has been painted by the public to the point that nobody trusts him around a woman anymore. This was while filming the video to one of his music collaborations with US based Ugandan singer, Shakira Kamulegeya. 
He said people fear him so much because of what they heard or read about him. He particularly accused men working with the media of tarnishing his name forgetting that they are spoiling it for the boy child. 
“Men should also learn to respect us. You give a lot of respect to women at the expense of men. We are being embarrassed by you people. Those guys embarrassing me forget they are embarrassing themselves too,” he said. 
He also added that he is still very much together with singer Nina Roz, contrary to reports that they separated after the escapades from two months ago. 
“Me and Nina Roz never separated. We are still together. People fear me a lot. I am not what they think I am. I have been linked to many women, but see, some of you should take some of those women and have them. Let us say I have had enough,” he said. 
It was widely reported two months ago the two had parted ways because of cheating by both. The two had a lowkey kukyala in 2020.

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