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Dad knew his time had come – Oulanyah’s daughter

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Even though he passed on last month, the pain of the loss was still raw.

As she regaled her father, she couldn’t stop the tears. They came suddenly without warning. Soon, many were creasing their brows and reaching for their handkerchiefs to wipe the tears.

Late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s eldest daughter, Diana Acheng, broke down as she paid a heartfelt tribute to her father during the State funeral at the Kololo Independence Grounds attended by among others, President Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday, April 6.

When she regained her countenance, she made some revelations about her dad’s final words before his death. The crowd was so attentive, you could hear a pin drop.

According to Acheng, her father underwent a severe transformation before his death, and she was set back upon seeing him.

“When I saw my father in the hospital, I was in shock. I didn’t remember seeing him like that,” she revealed.

Acheng said the late Speaker knew that his time to depart the earth had come, hence asking his daughter to watch over her other siblings.

“When my dad saw me, tears welled in his eyes. He told me that his time (to go) had come and asked me to take care of my siblings,” she added.

According to a submission made by the Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng, Oulanyah died of cancer, which resulted in multiple organ failure.

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