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Cyber bullies to undergo mental checkups

by Editorial Team
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By Cecilia Okoth
People who use social media to abuse or bully others under the guise of exercising their rights shall be subjected to mental checkups to ascertain their mental status.According to Charles Twine, the CID spokesperson, such people may not be right thinking members of society.

Twine was alluding to the growing number of people who use social media platforms to bully and abuse mostly high ranking government officials.

“We have noted with great concern that some people have resorted to maligning  character assassination to mostly government workers who are diligently doing their work. Whereas police has a duty to protect Ugandans against any forms of crimes, acts of criminality that target people who are diligently doing their work shall be given priority to ensure that this vice is decisively fought,” he said.

He made these remarks at a joint security press briefing held at the Uganda Police Force head quarters in Naguru on Monday.

“We truly don’t know whose interests some of these people serve. You cannot just wake up in the morning and abuse the speaker, the judge, the head of state. This cannot be tolerated. Going forward, we are contemplating having these people undergo mental checks to ascertain whether they are okay,” Twine said.

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