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Coronavirus messes up Miss World, postponed

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

After we whetted your appetite for several weeks, we hate to inform you that the Miss World grand finale that was supposed to take place in Puerto Rico yesterday (2:00am on Friday EAT) has been postponed. We are conversant of the fact that some of you forwent your sleep and stocked snacks ready to catch the live streaming of the event, but it wasn’t us. It’s the damn Rona.

In a press release yesterday, the Miss World organisers cited health and safety concerns for contestants, staff, crew and the general public as the reason for the postponement.

“After meeting with the virologists and medical experts hired to oversee the Miss World 2021 event and discussing with the Puerto Rico health department, the decision has been made by the organisers to postpone the globally broadcast finale.

“As of yesterday, additional safety measures were implemented in the best interest of the contestants, production team and spectators, understanding the event increased risks on the stage and in the dressing room.  However, after additional positive cases were conformed this morning,  after consulting with health officials and experts, the postponement decision was made.”

The press release added: “The next step, according to the medical experts, is immediate quarantine, pending observation and further testing. Once and only when contestants and staff are cleared by health officials and advisers will contestants and related staff return to their home countries.”

Not all hope is lost; the organisers said the finale will be rescheduled at Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot within the next three months.

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