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Contestants’ numbers drop as Miss and Mr. Bukedde grand finale nears

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

The ongoing Miss and Mr. Bukedde contest is edging closer to the grand finale as more contestants face the judges.

Last week’s episode left  fans panicking as some talented contestants with many followers were forced to drop out. Some of these failed either one of the tasks or all of them. Among those who left was Sudais Kawuki, the cook. He had gathered a huge following and had won the hearts of many, so much so that after he dropped out, even the presenter of the show, Ann Taylor, was hurt. Her facial expressions showed it all. In the betting language, she must have placed a huge stake on him as a bet.

Another one was Esther Nakibuule. Her dropping out was another blow. Some of the judges thought she had not delivered as much as they thought she would. They were undecided at first, but later, Judge Annet Nandujja  told her to try her luck next year. Azziz Mayengo also left. Many more followed these.

Among those who proceeded to the next level were Mary Elizabeth Ndagire, Ashraf Lule (the poet), Vivian Wampanaga (model), Eva Muliisa, and Angel Nazziwa. These had spectacular performances and left the judges in awe. They all got three yeses and are waiting for the next level.

However, these were urged to work harder for the grand finale that will be held next month. The winners of this contest will walk away with a brand new car and a land title.

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