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Comedians Madrat & Chiko slammed by Prima’s Mr. Henrie

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Media personality Henry Arinaitwe also known as Mr. Henrie now has to fight off his lover’s ex, singer Geosteady and comedians Madrat and Chiko. The duo took a dig at him on social media this week, saying he should sit down and cook for Prima while also taking care of her two children with Geosteady because he let her marry him.  

Much he said he is not the type to engage in social media conflicts, Mr. Henrie did not remained silent.

During his show at the Kansanga-based radio station, he clapped back, accusing them of using him, a much younger man to make news while burning bridges instead of creating legit content for their fans.

“At that age, Madrat and Chiko are still jumping on a guy who is 26-years-old to trend and make news. There are very many ways you can do nice comedy, but this thing of jumping on everything you will one time jump on someone who is going to be your MD in future. That shows that they do not think well. They are behind. For example, I cannot wake up and start using my platform on radio to bring down their business,” he fumed.  

The whole of last and this week, Geosteady made it a point to taunt Mr. Henrie, saying he is a broke man who only has love to offer to his ‘sugar mummy.’ He also accused him of acting on the advice of the ‘sugar mummy’ (Prima) to get some property he had his eyes on.

Geosteady has been attacking both Mr. Henrie and Prima for weeks now via his social media pages after his baby mama claimed he does not give child support for their two children.

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