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Comedian Uncle Mark is engaged

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Comedian Mark Agaba, popularly known as Uncle Mark, is engaged.

For a man whose other job is to emcee as people get married, Mark went on bended knee and proposed to his fiancée, Patricia Valeria Namata, on Thursday, June 8.

“Congratulations to me, I am engaged,” Uncle Mark captioned an Instagram post.

He reveals that on one of his wedding gigs in 2017, they shared paths.

When she cooed, “hi,” all Uncle Mark could muster in response was “haaaa”. He was awestruck by her beauty and made it a pre-occupation to pursue her.

However, he says when he initiated conversation and revealed his interest in her, she rebuffed him as she couldn’t date a ‘clown’, her interpretation of comedian.

However, Uncle Mark never ceased pursuing what his heart wanted, and eight months later, Patricia accepted to be his girlfriend.

The pair embarked on a romantic relationship for now five years and so far, everything is going according to script.

Uncle Mark proposed to Patricia on Thursday and penned an emotional letter detailing their five-year journey.

“I met her while I was MCing a wedding in 2017. I was immediately smitten with her, but she said no to me when I asked her out. She said she wasn’t interested in dating a comedian. It wasn’t funny, man. Eight months later, she said yes.

“We’ve been together for five years now, and I love her more than ever. She’s my best friend, my lover, and my soulmate. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, so I asked her out. She said yes! I’m so grateful that I found her. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.”

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