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Comedian Shamim Mayanja irritated by Grace Khan, Prince Omar kissing videos

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By Joan Murungi 

Shamim Mayanja, an online comedian, who was formerly attached to the comedy duo of Mboozi Zamalwa, has expressed her disappointment in Grace Khan (Grace Namuwulya) after the singer rekindled her relationship with Prince Omar aka Umar Mukose.

Severally, Grace claimed he was the biological father of her child, Grannah, who was born in December 2021, but he denied responsibility.

Prince Omar even once branded her a prostitute on a live TV interview

It was only in July that he finally accepted the baby as his own after DNA tests. Following the reunion, the lovebirds have been seen kissing and expressing their love publicly.

“How do you let a man suck your lips on a live TikTok video? That was not kissing. It was so disgusting,” Mayanja said.

However, it seems like Grace Khan’s honeymoon may be cut short over the refusal by Prince Omar’s parents to accept her as a potential daughter-in-law.

“Girls are so desperate. I don’t want desperate girls like Grace Khan. Why must you be dragged into love? That is stupidity. Prince Omar once denied having dated her. He is now shedding crocodile tears and telling us about how his parents have refused to accept Grace as their daughter-in-law,” Mayanja said.

She has predicted that Omar may use his parent’s rejection of Grace as an excuse to dump her and her joy will turn into sorrow again. Before the reunion, Grace used to appear in TV interviews, crying about the pain of being a single parent.

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