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Comedian Sesabat throws tantrum over Zari snub

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By Hussein Kiganda
Ugandan online comedian Sesa Bat(real name Nasser Tonda) is one of the admirers of Ugandan Socialite based in South Africa, Zari Hassan.
From time to time, he has always shown interest in her by making Photoshop of her pictures, fixing himself in them, and making them look like they are sleeping or enjoying life together.
Being a comedian, Zari has always commented with a “laughing Out Loud” comment or a funny reply. These comments and replies from her have not left Sesa Bat the same. He hoped he would meet the Socialite for a real picture or outing but all has not gone in the favour of his calculations.
Well, today(13th April 2022), the comedian took to social media, to request the socialite for a meetup, or else he starves.
“Let me also demonstrate ko leero kino kisuse @Zarithebosslady, I hope am loud and clear,” he wrote and posted a poster with the words, “Zari, every time you come to Uganda we don’t meet yet you comment on my posts and view my stories. If we don’t meet after Ramadan, I won’t eat food again walahi, nkoye ejoogo!!.”
Upon this, some of his fans were quick to predict his end. They advised him to coil his ego and take back his vow or else he is already a dead man. Others have since understood the word “food” connotatively.
“Let your wish come true Sesa Bat, but don’t compare things with food,” Nataly Irene said.

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