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Comedian Sesa Bat stars in psychological movie  

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By Joan Murungi 

On Sunday evening, March 5, Session, a psychological thriller, premiered at Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall in Kampala at 6:00pm.


Sesa Bat (centre) posing with fans during the premiere of ‘ Sessions’ at Acacia Mall in Kampala on March 5, 2023. Photo by Joan Murungi

While speaking to The Kampala Sun, Avion King, the director, revealed that the movie deals with mental health.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, so many people went into depression. People go through several challenging events in life and choose to keep silent. That is very bad.

“We felt like we, the creatives, should show our concern about the rise of depression by doing this movie. I worked with Brian and Sesa Bat (social media comedian Nasser Tonda alias Sesa Bat) because they are talented people,” Avion said.

The 45-minute Session features two main characters; Sesa Bat, who acts as a psychiatrist and Brian Byamukama, who acts as Brian, a depressed fellow.

In the movie, Brian is going through trauma, consequently leading to depression. He starts committing crime, including taking drugs, much to the chagrin of his parents. 

Sesa Bat takes him through a session (small room), where several tests are carried out until he opens up about what he is going through, and the murders he had committed.

Sesa Bat added his voice to Avion’s by advising people to find friends or close family members to talk to whenever they are going through tough times.

“When you speak to someone about what you are going through, you feel at ease. People that hold not things end up committing suicide,” he said.

The movie premiered at 6:00pm.

It was played thrice due to the audience’s demand and more revellers that kept turning up.

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