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Comedian Sesa Bat ends obsession with Zari

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By Alfred Byenkya

Social media comedian Nasser Tonda, popularly known as Sesa Bat, has explained why he stopped posting and defending socialite Zari Hassan on the internet.

The comedian often photoshopped himself in photos that Zari posted, proclaiming his love for her.

He said he liked the socialite, which is why he often posted her, but stopped because she denied him a selfie at the White Party she organised when she was in Kampala last year.

“I had to struggle to get one. Actually, it’s the people who pleaded on my behalf, yet she used to comment on my posts everyday. Ku party yali tandabawo nga muli mpulira nffa (at the party, she didn’t acknowledge me. I was dying inwardly),” Sesa said on his social media handles.

He also said he was forced to pay for a ticket at the party despite being an online promoter of Zari and her events.

“At the same party, I had to pay for my ticket, which is not bad because I had to go and support her… I was not even allowed in the VIP section,” Sesa said.

He further explained that he has never been interested in love from her, but he just liked her.

“I was just a pure fan of hers and supportive and respectful although in my comedy I made it seem like an obsession. Lastly, I stopped posting and defending Zari on social media because beautiful girls are born everyday so I was like why am I dying to be her friend?
“I know very well that Zari doesn’t owe me anything. It’s me who was stalking her and I believe she didn’t lose anything when I stopped doing content about her, but I really felt heartbroken because of the above reasons and I am only human to feel this way because I not a robot,” Sesa added.

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