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Comedian Salvador feeds boda boda riders on ‘hardware’, cursed

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

Boda boda riders at a stage in kyanja, next to Prime  fuel station, were left disappointed  with comedian  Patrick Idringi, commonly called Salvador.

At the sight of Salvador near their work place, the excitement amongst them was visible. They probably visualized Jesus Christ turning their two loaves and five fish to enough food to feed them and their extended families.

As Salvador stepped out of Crown Stores in Kyanja this morning (Tuesday) and walked to his Toyota Hilux pick-up, the group of boda boda riders hailed him in joy and sang praises. When he turned to them, they lamented about the hard economic situation while pointing at the fuel price list at the nearby fuel station.

“They told me they were hungry. I was from shopping so I gave them some change,” says Salvador. He admits that he did not give them much – “only sh20, 000”.

On seeing the amount, the seven boda guys turned gloomy and grumpy. They walked away from Salvador like a bad skin disease because he had given them “hardware” and not ‘software’ (paper money) . People just wont smile on empty stomachs.

Patrick “Salvador” Idringi is one of the notable high-flying comedians since the re-opening of the entertainment sector. He soon left his job as a radio show host, signed a deal with M-Net and has gained a lot of airmiles.

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