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Comedian Salvado, TV host Simon Njala trade barbs over Oulanyah burial

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Veteran TV host Simon Kaggwa Njala and comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi have traded barbs on Twitter on the manner of former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah.

Njala in typical provocative manner took to Twitter and disparaged the manner in which the former speaker was going to be buried.

He posted a photo taken during the construction of the grave for the fallen speaker and wrote: “Oulanyah’s final resting place. After all the pomp and glamour in his funeral, this is it.”

The photo had few locally burnt bricks and heap of sand with the grave still on rough edges. – Reminiscent of a pauper’s funeral.   Njala’s insinuation rubbed many the wrong way. Among them was comedian Idringi, who has lately developed a knack of ‘silencing’ people on Twitter.

Salvado did not take Njala’s tweet in good faith and after a litany of complaints, he insinuated that Njala (read hunger) is always hungry for famed and hungry in real life. Long story short, Idringi regretted once buying for Njala pork!

“Parents, be careful the names you give your children. Case in point this old man who is always hungry for attention, I even regret buying for you those 2 sticks of pork at Ssebutinde pork joint in Entebbe. let the man Rest in Peace,” he tweeted.

Many joined in the debate with some claiming Salvado was being petty for reminding someone about pork which was bought before inflation hit Uganda.

Simon Kaggwa Njala had a rebuttal up his sleeve.  He savaged Salvado and insisted the comedian was a buffoon.

“I’m compelled not to dignify this buffoonery with a response. This is the real Salvador. Emptiness at its best,” he shot back.  By press time, Salvado  hadn’t yet responded.



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