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Comedian Mariachi apologizes to Muslims for crude joke

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

To many of his fans, Charles Kasozi a.k.a MC Mariachi is the king of comedy. He has perfected the art of tribal and toilet jokes; many have called him the best.

Last week on 20th July at the Comedy Store he added another repertoite to his style of jokes. He religiously attacked the Muslim faith and did a skit on why he would never join Islam.

In Mariachi’s estimation, Islam is a religion of “saving money” as men only occasionaly shave beards, ladies don’t plait their hair and the mosques never invest heavily in soumd systems like their Born-Again counterparts as they (Muslims) only use a Public address speaker.

Although the skit left many in stitches, it left a bitter taste in the mouths of many Muslims and clerics last Friday hinted on it during their sermons . They gave the comedian an ultimatum to apologize or risk their wrath.

On Monday, Mariachi released a video where he issued a grovelling apology to all those he offended.

He isn’t the first to do so. More recently, comedians Reign and Maulana apologized to Buganda Kingdom over a distasteful joke. Before them, season actor Andrew Benon Kibuuka was forced to change his Muslim character of Hajji Bumali to Dube Ssempaata, after Muslims complained about misrepresentation.

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