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Coco finger saves juvenile from alcoholic parent

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By Hussein Kiganda

Ragga dancehall sensation Coco Finger saved a young child from a parent who was feeding her alcohol during one of his shows on September 2.

According to Coco Finger, the parent was sharing the bottle of beer with the young girl and he was forced to put a halt at the show to first save the child.

“He was in the crowd but in front of the stage so I saw him holding a bottle of beer drinking and sharing with the Child. Actually, I was in The middle of my performance so I saw him feeding the baby girl with beer himself. I posed the show called him politely and took the baby away from him, and told him not to do it again,” he told The Kampala Sun.

After performing the other songs with the kid, Coco Finger gave her back to her parent and talked to him about moving at night with her.

Coco Finger points out to the child who was being fed alcohol by their parent. Internet photo

“I seriously warned him not to repeat that because it’s really dangerous for children,” he said.

He called out to all parents and event organizers not to allow children into shows that are held at night reasoning that so much happens during the dark hours so it is dangerous to move with children or allow them to these night shows.

“Dear parents,  should avoid going for late night events with children and avoid giving them alcoholic drinks and cigarettes,” he said before he added, “Events organizers should also not let parents or anyone not to enter with children for these late night shows because during night events, lots of nasty things happen on and off stage, people speak so much of bad things and do so much indecency that children should not hear or see. Children should be taken to shows organized during the day.”

Coco Finger is known for his hit songs; my miss, mikono wagulu, darling, don’t break my heart, go down, koroga, zoom, and several more. His electrifying performance is what drives people to his shows. 

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