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City Pastor Martin Ssempa offers self for modelling gig

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

City pastor, Martin Ssempa might have just earned himself a role as a model. With his very vocal demeanour, he picked interest in a modelling gig advertised online by city model scout Ronnie Nsubuga of Crystal Models Uganda. Ronnie was looking for a model for an advertising job and Ssempa felt like he fitted the description.
Nsubuga wrote: “I am looking for a light skinned model with a bold or short hair look for an advertising job.”
Ssempa who rocks a clean-shaven look with a beard populated with thick grey strands felt he fit the description and so submitted a photo with the caption: “Is the light enough? And the hair… is it short enough?” Nsubuga seemed to have made up his mind instantly. He replied: “All is perfect.”

Before this, the only known engagement Ssempa had with modelling was with model Doreen Kabareebe whom he offered to give a certificate of virginity. It was after the model claimed she was a virgin waiting for her husband. A meeting the two organised didn’t happen, Ssempa accused her of deliberately avoiding him to which Kabareebe retorted that the pastor had no right sharing their private business with the public.

Being a social critic, he has been against many things, including the idea of male media personalities rocking dreads, suggesting that they consider losing them because they are making all men lose respect.

Ssempa’s last appointment in the public sphere was in 2017 following his Pornography Control Committee appointment. However, he got sacked in 2020 and ordered to stay away from the committee’s activities to which he sought legal redress.

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