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City pastor closes church over wife’s infidelity

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

A senior pastor in Kampala has folded his sprawling church over what he terms as “moral failures”.

Pastor Godfrey Saazi of Life Tabernacle Church in Kansanga reveals that he had no option, but to close his mega church after his wife was involved in an extra-marital affair with a commuter taxi conductor.

In his estimation, his cheating wife has brought him and the church embarrassment and there is no way he can face the believers who looked up to him for spiritual leadership.

“This is a hard ending to what has been the most amazing, impacting and special chapter of our lives. When you  accept the calling of being a pastor, you must live in such a way that it honours the mandate. When that doesn’t happen, a change has to be made,” Saazi told believers.

Information obtained shows that the pastor closed his church after netting his wife, only identified as Judith, cheating on him with a taxi conductor, Reagan Akankwatsa.

It is alleged that the pastor started a business for Judith at Avemar Shopping Mall in the central business district and she had been using the same taxi every day while going to work.

This is how she started connecting with Akankwatsa. Their love started from there. Before long, the two were started meeting in lodges several times without the pastor’s knowledge.

It is also alleged that the romance went on for two years until the pastor’s wife got pregnant by the conductor. For fear that her husband would find out, she terminated the pregnancy, something that annoyed the conductor, who later left the country to work abroad.

Their secret love, however, was resurrected on WhatsApp recently, where the pair has been sending each other romantic messages, nudes, and explicit videos.

In some of their conversations shared on social media by a blogger, the ex-taxi conductor can be seen telling Judith how much he misses her body and how he can’t wait to touch it again.

The pastor landed on all the conversations and is currently heartbroken, hopeless, and sick. He has now closed his church.

Efforts to trace the pastor’s wife have been futile.


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