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Cindy will not change dress code after wedding – fiancé

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Cindy Sanyu’s fiancé Joel Prynce Atiku has vowed to support Cindy with whatever her career choices and needs are and let her freely do all the things that her fans like her for. He said she is going to remain the artiste she has been, dress the way she has always done and dance all she wants. All he is going to do is support her.
“If Cindy is going to remain the king herself, still sing the ragga or dancehall, whatever it is she does, that needs her to dress the way she does, to dance the way she does, I am going to support her,” he said.
He added that fans that jump on stage to dance with their favourite artistes will not upset him because from experience, he knows how fans react when they meet their favourite people.
The pair held their low key kukyala ceremony in late May, 2021 at Cindy’s mother’s home in Muyenga following their engagement a year earlier in May 2020. In mid August, Cindy confirmed she is expecting.

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