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Cindy takes full possession of UMA offices

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Following the botched elections of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) office bearers and with no tentative re-election in sight, singer and former UMA president Cindy Sanyu has repossessed office along with her former cabinet.

On Wednesday, 10, August 2022, the former president, Cindy Sanyu, resumed her role at UMA as president.

She shared a photo of herself and other former leaders; Phina Mugerwa, Justin Bas, and Renah Nalumansi.

Cindy revealed that she had stepped back into office as president.

Uganda Musicians Association presidential candidate Cindy campaigning in Bukoto, a city suburb, in Bukoto, a city suburb, on May 18, 2022. Photo by Mariam Nakalema

At a press conference held later, Cindy confirmed they were back in office to work as they await a better electoral process in the future.

“We have work to do as an association so we can’t continue without anyone in the office,” Cindy said.

“The Executive Committee led by the president, takes full possession of UMA offices and full responsibility of affairs of the association…the offices are now open and members can come in for member services.” reads the statement in part.

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