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Cindy reveals why she cannot battle male artistes on stage

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By Hussein Kiganda

Renowned female sensation Cinderella Sanyu also known as Cindy Sanyu, has dismissed claims suggesting her interest in engaging in more competitive battles with male artists, following her stellar performance in the recent music face-off against Sheebah Karungi on September 15, 2023, at Kololo Grounds.

During a recent interview, the “Boom Party” singer was questioned about the possibility of facing male artists in future battles. She firmly asserted that she has no intention of challenging male counterparts, emphasizing her belief in women battling fellow women without venturing into the domain of male artists.

“I have no desire to engage in a battle with a man. I highly value my identity as a woman and intend to remain within the realm of female artists,” she stated.

Reflecting on her showdown with Sheebah, Cindy asserted that there were deliberate efforts to hinder her performance on stage. Despite facing challenges such as low lighting on her side, subpar sound quality, and the absence of a sound check for her team, she expressed satisfaction with her performance.

“They employed various tactics to frustrate me and tip the scales against me. However, all their manoeuvres only fuelled my determination to emerge victorious,” she remarked.

Cindy extended her gratitude to her fans, who showed unwavering support and turned out in large numbers, bolstering her confidence in her victory.

Following the Cindy vs. Sheebah battle, numerous artists have now begun daring each other to engage in music battles. Notable past music battles in Uganda include “The Battle of The Champions” featuring Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool, as well as the “Goodlyf vs. Bebe Cool Music Battle,” among others.

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