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Cindy is our family intercessor, says mother

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Singer Cindy Sanyu has the gift of singing in Jamaican patois. However, according to her mother, it is nothing compared to her gift of speaking in tongues and casting out demons. She is the family intercessor.

In a YouTube video released online, Cindy’s mother reveals that Cindy is a pastor in their home.

“Cindy is a pastor in our home, she loves praying and always encourages us to have faith, regardless of what situation
we are going through. So, we take her like our pastor,” said Cindy’s mother.

She further emphasised: “Let me tell the truth: she casts out demons from people, and she has not started doing it today; she
has been doing it since she was young. What I can tell you is that Cindy loves God.”

She argued that people should see beyond the bad girl image which Cindy has accentuated through her skimpy outfit.

“Because of her dressing, people are unaware of the depth of her Christian faith. She (Cindy) was a Church singer and a devout believer as a young girl.”

Recently Cindy took to her socials to complain about evil people within the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), which she heads.

“I believe you don’t have to be everybody’s friend to succeed. Some people are evil (especially in the music industry) and breaking ties with them might just save your life,” the self-styled King Herself wrote.

“To protect my soul, I stay away from many people and that’s how I stay sane and happy. This nonsense of being everyone’s friend is for kids,” she added.

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