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Cindy castigates King Saha’s supporters over cancelled UMA elections

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By Hussein Kiganda

Dancehall queen Cindy (real name Cinderella Sanyu) has attacked her fellow singer King Saha’s fans over the cancelled Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) elections.

She accused them of threatening the Electoral Commission boss, Jeff Ekongot, forcing him to cancel the June 6 elections.

The real battle is between incumbent Cindy and Saha (real name Mansur Ssemanda), who are vying for the position of UMA president.

“Jeff was forced to cancel the elections after he was threatened by those protesters. He feared for his life because people were shouting at him from all sides. He had to first consider his life,” she said.

The Boom Party hitmaker expressed disappointment when the elections, which were held online, were cancelled.

“I was disappointed because I was leading right from the start,” she said.

Cindy had already planned a victory party.

She assured her supporters that she would win the elections even if they were organised physically.

“The result is going to remain the same even if they organise another election. Whether they are digital or physical, people support me, so I am sure that I will still win,” Cindy assured.

The UMA elections were cancelled after King Saha’s legal team asked the Electoral Committee to stop them, citing system breakdown and irregularities.

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